Getting Started

8 ways to get toddlers, pre-k & kindergartners started with the ABC’s

Most children have a natural love of animals, so in many cases they are an ideal way to open up the world of literacy to kids. As children grow from toddlers to school-ready big kids, the Alphabetimals, cute cartoon animals in the shape of letters, help bridge the gap between lovable and familiar animals and the more abstract concept of the alphabet.


Many parents and teachers have asked us about the best way to get started using our digital and print media, so below we created a list of our most popular resources that help kids learn important early literacy skills like letter identification, alphabetical order, and uppercase/lowercase matching.

1. Watch our “Catchy Animal ABC Song & Dance for Kids”

With over 300,00 views on YouTube our ABC song is our latest video hit, but also the best to get kids excited about ABC’s with a unique, toe-tapping song. Join our friend Albert as he sings, and don’t be afraid to join in parents!


Watch all of our alphabet videos >>

2. Explore our Animal Dictionary

Next visit the online animal dictionary which showcases even more Alphabetimals per letter – we have 10 animals that start with the letter S! Here you can also click on the animals and hear their sounds, or click on their names to hear them read allowed. With over 130 animals, your child is sure to find some favorites.


Go to the Animal Dictionary page >>

3. Download the FREE alphabet app

The easiest way to get young kids started with Alphabetimals is to download our free app, available for iOS and Mac Desktop. Toddlers will love to tap the uppercase and lowercase letters to see the animals appear with a funny sound and animation. As they get older and more dexterous they can walk through the interactive Albert and the Alphabetimals story, which provides even more small animations and surprises as well as a cute little story to tie it all together.


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4. Type and print your child’s name in Alphabetimals

Typing Game - Childs Name

Nothing is better to get started with the alphabet than the letters in your child’s name! With our online typing game, you can type your child’s name or any other fun words and see them written in Alphabetimals. Older kids will especially like punching the keys and watching the animals appear. Then once you’ve got your word written on the screen, you can print it out at home, or share it digitally. Get inspired by animal word art that other fans have recently created.


Go to our Typing Game page >>

5. Download and print our coloring & activity pages

Mixed Alphabet Activities #1 – Alphabetimals: Printable Alphabet Activities

Take it offline and tactile with some of our online printables. Our activity worksheets bring your child on an A-Z adventure, helping our hero Albert complete different activities – like connect-the-dots, letter writing practice, mazes, color-by-number, create your own, learn to draw, pick the right path, matching, and more – to become an Official Alphabetimals Expert.


Preview & download our printables here >>

6. Get our Alphabetimals Photo Safari card game

Alphabetimals Photo Safari Kids Card Game

Our Alphabetimals Photo Safari game is another great way to take the fun and learning offline. Even 2 year olds will have fun to matching the uppercase “mommies and daddies” to the lowercase “babies”, while older kids can play the full game, which is a cute version of “old maid” where you don’t want to get stuck with Albert himself! These high quality glossy cards are available on demand through our partner DriveThruCards.


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7. Buy our 130+ page Alphabetimals Picture Dictionary coloring book

Are your kids enjoying the Alphabetimals so far? If so, why not take it to the max and order our Alphabetimals Picture Dictionary with over 130 Alphabetimals and hours of coloring fun. Every copy that gets purchased helps support our initiative of continuing to add to and improve our learning resources.


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8. Become an official fan and get inspired from other parents and teachers

Our Facebook  page is were we connect with our fans. It’s were we post new learning resources and our fans creations to help inspire the community. Join us on Facebook and see the latest news or send us your ideas for what we should share or work on next.


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Summing it up

Thanks for your interest in Alphabetimals. We hope that you can find resources here that inspire your child to get started with learning the ABC’s, but most of all have fun doing it. We always welcome any feedback and appreciate the support we get when you purchase and download our resources.


– Patrick O.