Kid’s Typing Game

Type words below in our animal alphabet letters with funny animal sounds.

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NEW! Alphabetimals Personalized 18″ x 12″ Kids Door & Room Wall Decal

Alphabetimals 18"x12" Kids Door & Room Wall Decal

Type your child’s name above and get it printed on an 18 inch X 12 inch resealable wall sticker from Walls360! Perfect for any baby, toddler or young child’s room and a great way to introduce them to the ABC’s.


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  • Remove & Re-Use 100+ Times
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Walls360 wall graphics are self-adhesive, easy to install, and can be removed and re-hung hundreds of times without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging surfaces. Walls360 graphics are created on-demand in the United States, using a premium, re-positionable woven fabric material that sticks to almost any surface, from walls and windows to ceilings and around corners. Walls360 wall graphics are printed on-demand at high resolution with premium UltraChrome digital inks (8 Color: CMYK +4).


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Walls360 wall graphics are MADE IN USA + shipped to customers worldwide.

See your word on cool Zazzle merch!

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There is nothing quite like this unique typing game for kids, which lets you type out words and names in our cute cartoon animal alphabet. Just ask the online personalization marketplace Zazzle, who feature the Alphabetimals as an example of a great integration with their store for getting personalized gifts.


Just type out a word on the keyboard in this typing game and see an animal shaped like that letter of the alphabet show up on the screen. If you type the same letter twice it will show even keep showing you different animals for that same letter. S for snake, shark, seahorse, etc. You get the idea!


When you’ve had fun typing out different words you can  get your favorite one and send it out as a tweet, share if on facebook or email, and even print it out at home and hang on your kid’s door! All for free.

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