ABC Song & Animal Videos

If you’re looking for a creative and engaging way to teach your child the ABCs, look no further than Alphabetimals’ ABC Song and Animal Videos. Our unique approach to learning the alphabet is designed to keep young children entertained while they learn. With our fun and interactive animal videos and catchy song, your child will be well on their way to mastering the ABCs!

Catchy Animal ABC Song & Dance for Toddlers & Young Kids

Toddlers and young kids will dance and sing along with this catchy ABC song sung by Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies and performed by the cuddly animal alphabet, the Alphabetimals.

Get Brian’s whole album, including the song in this video “Animal ABC’s” here.

Catchy Pop-Rock “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” Nursery Rhyme Song for Kids

This unique pop-rock take on the classic “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” children’s nursery rhyme song has toddlers and young kids around the world dancing and singing along. Learn letters of the alphabet while you make all the ABC animal noises on Albert’s farm including his Dog (woof woof), Duck (quack quack), Horse (neigh neigh), Cow (moo moo), Pig (oink oink) & Sheep (bah bah)!

Special thanks to © Millie and Max Music:

ABC Letter Learning Card Game – Flash Cards, Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory & More!

Ever think upper- & lowercase letters were like parents and kids? Check out our new video showing off the Alphabetimals Photo Safari cards where pairing them that way puts a unique spin on classic games like Memory, Go Fish, and Old Maid.

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UPPERCASE Animal Alphabet Letters – Alphabetimals App

Meet the Alphabetimals parents! Each cute animal in the shape of a letter make learning the English uppercase alphabet easier and more fun.

Download the app for FREE now.

LOWERCASE Animal Alphabet Letters – Alphabetimals App

Meet the Alphabetimals babies! Each cute baby animal in the shape of a letter make learning the English lowercase alphabet easier and more fun.

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Albert and the Alphabetimals – v2.0

Albert doesn’t want to learn his ABC’s – that is until the Alphabetimals come and make it fun! Watch this recording of our new and more engaging version of the classic Albert and the Alphabetimals story. Then download it free and try it yourself!

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Alphabetimals ABC Song

Sing along with Albert as he learns his ABCs with the help of his friends the Alphabetimals.

Young MacAlbert Had a Farm

Young MacAlbert (Old MacDonald) had a farm – EE-I-EE-I-O, and on that farm he had a Cow, Duck, Goat, Horse, Pig & Sheep. Help Young MacAlbert and his animal alphabet farm friends the Alphabetimals, by singing their version of the Old MacDonald kid’s song.

Making Alphabetimals – Alligator

Watch behind the scenes how the Alligator Alphabetimal was first created with pencil and paper. Video music from Bensound.

Animal Alphabet App Video – v2.0

Join little Albert on a pocket-sized journey through the alphabet with help from his friends the Alphabetimals. The simple actions, animation and animal sound effects make it stimulating for babies, and a great alphabet learning tool for toddlers and young kids alike.

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Albert and the Alphabetimals – v1.0

Albert had homework to do, but thought learning ABC’s was a bore. He’d rather go on safari, take some pictures and explore! Join Albert as he discovers all the hidden animals shaped like the letters of the alphabet. Interactive version available in the Alphabetimals App.

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