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Tyrannosaurus rex, or T-Rex, was a big, meat-eating dinosaur with sharp teeth and short arms. It walked on two legs and lived long ago. Meet the T-Rex, the king of the dinosaurs, and learn fun facts that will make you ROAR with excitement. Join Albert as he explores these amazing Tyrannosaurus rex facts for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Click on the images to hear silly sounds and then read about fun T. rex facts like what did T. rexes look like?, what sound did T. rexes make?, how big were T. rexes?, what did T. rexes eat?, where did T. rexes live?, and more fun facts about T. rexes!

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What did T. rexes look like?


Tyrannosaurus rex or T. rex was an enormous dinosaur. It was a reptile which meant that it was cold-blooded and lizard-like.

It is well known for being fierce and scary. It walked on its 2 back legs, upright like a kangaroo. It had very small front legs which it didn’t seem to use much.

Scientists can guess what T. rex looked like by studying their fossilized bones. Now, they believe the T. rex might have had feathers over its body.

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What sound did T. rexes make?

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At least that’s what people think T. rex might have sounded like. But scientists now think that this massive dinosaur didn’t roar.

They think that T. rex made deep-throated rumbling sounds. The T. rex might have also made hoots, coos and booms, a bit like ostriches do.

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How big were T. rexes?

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T. rex grew up to 40 feet (12 meters) tall. That’s as tall as 4 story building!

They also had teeth the size of bananas! Next time you eat a banana, imagine having teeth the same size as it!

Look at your footprints in the mud. How big are they? If a T. rex stood in some mud, its footprint would be over 3 feet (1 meter) long!

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What did T. rexes eat?

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T. rex was a carnivore which meant that it ate meat. They ate other dinosaurs, like Triceratops, and even other T. rexes!

T. rex couldn’t chew and it couldn’t pick food up with its short, stumpy front legs. Instead, it would take a mouthful of meat and swallow it whole. Scientists also think that besides hunting, T. rex scavenged for food – which means eating things that were already dead. .

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Where did T. rexes live?

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T. rexes lived in what is now North America – Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico. T. rexes liked hot and humid places to live. It probably lived in coastal swamps and open forests. It is likely to have lived close to water, where its prey liked to hang out.

More fun facts about T. rexes for kids

  • Tyrannosaurus rex means ‘tyrant lizard king’.
  • T. rex could eat up to 500 pounds (230 kilograms) of meat in one bite! That’s the same weight as about 3 adults!
  • They weren’t the fastest of dinosaurs but could run at speeds of up to 12 mph (20 kph).
  • T. rex didn’t brush its teeth so scientists think that there would have been a lot of meat left in its teeth after eating. It is thought that this encouraged bacteria to live in the dinosaur’s mouth, causing a septic or poisonous bite which would help to kill their prey.
  • Female T. rexes were bigger than males. They had wider hips to allow them to lay huge eggs. They were also probably better at hunting, like today’s lionesses.
  • Scientists believe that baby T. rexes were covered in feathers! They looked like little chicks when they hatched out of their eggs.
  • T. rex was a very clever dinosaur. It had a bigger brain than a lot of dinosaurs. They may have hunted in packs which would have meant that they needed to communicate well with each other.

Sources: Wikipedia, Live Science, Creative Commons, Britannica.com and Freesound.org

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