Pre-K & Kindergarten Printable Worksheets & Activities

Are you looking for fun and educational activities to help your preschooler or kindergartener learn the alphabet and improve their literacy skills? Look no further than our collection of printable worksheets and activities, featuring Alphabetimals characters! These engaging resources are perfect for children ages 3-6 who are just starting to learn how to read and write. From tracing letters to coloring pages, our printables will help your little ones learn in a fun and interactive way. Browse below to download and print these free resources for your child’s learning journey.

Preschool & Kindergarten Worksheet Combo Packs

HUGE Alphabet Fun Pack  – All 200+ Alphabet Activity Worksheets

Alphabetimals HUGE Alphabet Fun Pack Worksheets

Our HUGE Alphabet Fun Pack activities pages bring your child on an A-Z adventure, helping our hero Albert complete different activities – like letter tracing worksheets, mazes, color-by-number, create your own, learn to draw, pick the right path, matching, and more – to become an Official Alphabetimals Expert.

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100+ Alphabet Drawing & Coloring Pages

Alphabetimals Drawing and Coloring Pack Worksheets

Does your child love to draw? Our Drawing & Coloring pages will spark your child’s creativity, teaching them how to draw simple Alphabetimals, color by number, and inspire them to create their own Alphabetimals with letter templates.

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Preschool & Kindergarten Printable Worksheets

Uppercase & Lowercase Babies! 52+ Printable Aa-Zz Coloring Pages

Alphabetimals Uppercase & Lowercase Babies Coloring Pages

Our Uppercase & Lowercase Babies! coloring pages bring your child on an creative adventure, coloring adult (uppercase) animal shaped letters and their baby (lowercase) animal shaped letters.

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Alphabetimals™ Animal ABC Game Cards – A-Z Print & Cut Cards

Alphabetimals ABC Game Cards - Printables

Looking for a fun, educational card game for a preschooler or kindergartner? Try our Alphabetimals Photo Safari cards and get multiple games in one pack suitable for 3, 4, and 5 years olds.

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26 Letter Tracing & Coloring Worksheets

Alphabetimals Letter Tracing & Coloring Worksheets

Our Letter Writing Practice worksheets mix learning and fun, starting with tracing and writing capital letters, and ending with a little scene with Albert and an Alphabetimal for coloring afterwards!

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26 Letter Shaped Mazes Worksheets

Alphabetimals Letter-Shaped Mazes Worksheets

Our Letter Shaped Mazes worksheets help your child explore letter shapes in new and interesting ways, all while leading Albert to each Alphabetimal through mazes shaped like letters of the alphabet. And then coloring everything in of course!

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26 Letter Matching Mazes Worksheets

Alphabetimals Letter Matching Mazes Worksheets

Our Letter Matching Mazes worksheets bring your child on a spaghetti maze adventure, guessing which twisting and turning path leads to the right Alphabetimal. And then coloring everything in of course!

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26 Starting Letter Sounds Worksheets

Alphabetimals Starting Letter Sounds Worksheets

Our Starting Letter Sounds worksheets start your child with phonics-filled journey, figuring out which animals start with each letter of the alphabet and coloring them in – including variations with soft & hard C & G sounds, and long and short vowel sounds.

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26 Letter Shape Matching Worksheets

Alphabetimals Latter Shape Matching Worksheets

Our Letter Shape Matching worksheets let your child explore tons of fun animals and learn how to connect each one with the letter it starts with. And then spend hours coloring everything in of course!

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Best Selling Animal Alphabet Coloring Books

Try one of our published coloring books for hours of creativity with your preschooler or kindergartner. Young kids will love coloring the animals and discussing the way they are hidden in the shape of the letters of the alphabet.

Picture Dictionary Coloring Book

140+ Coloring Pages

Alphabetimals Coloring Book: Picture Dictionary

“This is one of the best books to teach kids about the alphabet!! We’re in love with it!! Probably ordering more soon so we can have fun with the kids!”
– Sandra Quesada

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Original Coloring Book

32 Coloring Pages

Alphabetimals Coloring Book

“Love it! Great educational coloring book for little ones learning their letters. I use this with my 3 year old while homeschooling his brother.”
– LisaMB

In the Wild Coloring Book

32 Coloring Pages

Alphabetimals Coloring Book: In the Wild

“This is great for little ones to color and associate an animal with the letter. Grandsons love it even the 20 month old. Money well spent.”
– Yarnlady

All animals A-Z

Animal phonics alphabet

Animals that start with common phonics digraphs

Animal facts for kids

Other animal collections

Alphabetimals ABC Game Cards
Alphabetimals HUGE Alphabet Fun Pack
Alphabetimals Drawing and Coloring Pack

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