Animals that start with C

Little brains can't get enough of these cute alphabet animals that start with the letter C. Click the animal to hear its sound, and it's name to hear it said out loud.

Uppercase C

Cartoon Cat |


Lowercase c

Cartoon cat |


More animals that start with the letter C

Alphabetical list of animals that start with C

A full alphabetical list of popular animal names that begin with the letter C for toddlers and preschool kids.


  1. Caiman
  2. Camel
  3. Capybara
  4. Caracal
  5. Cassowary
  6. Cat
  7. Caterpillar
  8. Catfish
  9. Centipede
  10. Chameleon
  11. Cheetah
  12. Chicken
  13. Chimpanzee
  14. Chinchilla
  15. Chipmunk
  16. Clown Fish
  17. Coati
  18. Cobra
  19. Cockroach
  20. Coral
  21. Cougar
  22. Cow
  23. Coyote
  24. Crab
  25. Crane
  26. Crocodile
  27. Cuttlefish


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