Digraphs for Kids

Welcome to the enchanting world of phonics digraphs ck, ch, ng, ph, sh, th, and wh! Our friendly animal cartoons that start with common phonics digraphs will guide young learners through the fascinating sounds created by these special letter combinations. With captivating games and engaging exercises, children will have a blast mastering phonics digraphs and strengthening their reading skills. All while discovering cool animals start with these common digraphs. Then download our free digraph sounds coloring page for some offline fun. Join us on this educational adventure and witness the remarkable progress as your child’s literacy abilities soar to new heights. Let’s unlock the wonders of phonics digraphs together and set the stage for a lifetime of successful reading!

What are digraphs ?

Digraphs are special pairs of letters that work together to make a unique sound. They are like letter best friends! Instead of just one letter making a sound, digraphs have two letters that join forces to create a special sound.

For example, let’s meet the digraph “sh.” When the letter “s” and the letter “h” stand next to each other, they make the “sh” sound. Just like when you say “shh” to be quiet, right?

Now, there are other digraphs too, like “th,” “ch,” and “ph.” When you see “th,” it sounds like when you stick out your tongue a little and say “thh.” “Ch” makes a sound like a train going “ch-ch.” And “ph” is like a gentle “f” sound.

Remember, digraphs are special because they are two letters working together to make a new sound. So, when you see them in words, you can think of them as superhero letters making amazing sounds together!

Albert holding a sign with phonics digraphs ch, ng, sh, and th

Common phonics digraphs for kids

Some of the standard consonant digraphs kids learn are ch, ph, sh, th and wh. Click below to hear their sounds.

(as in THink)

(as in THis)

Cartoon boy waving - Alphabetimals

Animals that have digraphs in their names

Click on the animal to hear its animal sound, then click its name to hear it said out loud!

Cartoon Baby Chick | Alphabetimals.com


Cartoon Baby Pheasant | Alphabetimals.com


Cartoon Baby Sheep | Alphabetimals.com


Cartoon Baby Thresher shark | Alphabetimals.com

thresher shark

Cartoon Baby Leatherback Sea Turtle | Alphabetimals.com

leatherback sea turtle

Cartoon Baby Whale | Alphabetimals.com


More common digraphs for kids

Some other commons digraphs that are first taught to children include “ck” and “ng” which only come in the middle or at the end of a word. Although “ck” is pronounced like “k” and hard “c” and is not a new consonant sound in that way, it does only produce one sound and can be taught as a digraph so that it can more quickly recongnized when learning to read.

Cartoon boy reading a book - Alphabetimals

Animals that end with “ck” and “ng”

Cartoon Baby Duck | Alphabetimals.com


Cartoon Baby Lemming | Alphabetimals.com


Free Animal Phonics Coloring Page: Digraph Sounds

Looking for a fun and educational activity to teach your little ones about digraph sounds? Look no further than our printable Alphabetimals Animal Phonics Coloring Page: Digraph Sounds! This captivating free PDF download features adorable animal that start with short vowels sounds creatively shaped as lowercase letters ck, ch, ng, ph, sh, th (think), th (this), and wh. With this engaging resource, children can explore the world of phonics while coloring their favorite animals. It's a fantastic way to reinforce their understanding of digraph sounds in a playful and interactive manner. Download and print it today and watch as your kids embark on a delightful learning adventure!

Alphabetimals Animal Phonics Coloring Pages - Digraphs
Cartoon boy reading a book - Alphabetimals

Alphabetical list of popular animals that have phonics digraphs in their names

Below are alphabetized lists of popular animal names that contain the common phonics digraphs ck, ch, ng, ph, sh, th (think), th (this), and wh.

Animals that have the digraph "ck" in their name

  1. Chicken
  2. Cockerel
  3. Cockatiel
  4. Cuckoo
  5. Duck
  6. Gecko
  7. Jackal
  8. Mackerel
  9. Peacock
  10. Stick insect
  11. Woodpecker

Animals that start with the digraph "ch"

  1. Chameleon
  2. Cheetah
  3. Chicken
  4. Chimpanzee
  5. Chinchilla
  6. Chipmunk

Animals that have the digraph "ng" in their name

  1. Bengal tiger
  2. Dingo
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Kingfisher
  5. Langur (monkey)
  6. Longhorn (cow)
  7. Pangolin
  8. Penguin
  9. Stingray

Animals that start with the digraph "ph"

  1. Phalarope (bird)
  2. Pharaoh Hound (dog breed)
  3. Pheasant
  4. Phoebe (bird)

Animals that start with the digraph "sh"

  1. Shark
  2. Sheep
  3. Shetland pony
  4. Shoebill (bird)
  5. Shrew
  6. Shrimp

Animals that start with the digraph "th" (as in think)

  1. Thoroughbred (horse breed)
  2. Thrasher
  3. Thresher shark
  4. Thrush
  5. Thylacine (Extinct Tasmanian Wolf)

Animals that have the digraph "th" (as in this) in their name

  1. Leatherback sea turtle
  2. Smoothhound (shark)

Animals that start with the digraph "wh"

  1. Whale
  2. Whale shark
  3. White tiger
  4. White rhinoceros
  5. White-tailed deer

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