Printable Coloring Pages: Lowercase Letters & Animals

Download our free lowercase letter coloring pages for some at-home creative fun on a rainy day.

Free Printable Coloring Pages | a-z Lowercase Letters Shaped Like Animals

Free Coloring Pages: Lowercase Letters

Free printable coloring pages are a nice alternative to modern day smart devices. Instead of passive watching, coloring in drawings can spark creativity while training fine motor coordination.

The unique nature of the Alphabetimals invites children to color in their favorite animals and at the same time begin to identify letters of the alphabet. The free lowercase printables below are a great way to introduce kids to the English alphabet, without sacrificing any of the fun of play.

Alphabetimals ABC Game Cards
Alphabetimals HUGE Alphabet Fun Pack
Alphabetimals Drawing and Coloring Pack

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Preview all the Free Lowercase Coloring Pages

Click on the images below to view the high resolution, printable version of each. Or download all the pages as a printable PDF file.

8 Benefits of Coloring Pages for Kids

  1. Creativity over consumption – In a world dominated by screens, unplugging our kids, let alone ourselves, can be a daily challenge. Coloring pages provide a way for kids to entertain themselves while activating their creative sides.
  2. Coloring is inclusive – Everyone can color, and there are no “right” colors when you are being asked to use your imagination.
  3. A place for expression – Coloring and art opens up an alternate way for kids to express themselves beyond verbal communications.
  4. Understanding colors – There are plenty of YouTube videos out there attempting  to teach children basic colors, but to truly grasp the range of colors and how they relate to one another, nothing beats good old experimentation.
  5. Problem solving with contraints – Effective problem solving later in life involves identifying the constraints in a given situation. Coloring is different than drawing on a blank piece of paper because it gives children a starting point, within which they are asked to use their creativity. The idea of being creative, but with practical limitations, is a very useful problem solving lesson that can be applied more generally throughout a lifetime.
  6. Stress reduction – In the fast-paced world we live in, distractions abound. Sitting and coloring allows kids to enter another state of mind, where they can turn off the noise around them and focus on the task at hand.
  7. Ability to stay focused on a task – With all the entertainment possibilities available to children 24/7, overstimulation is at an all time high, and attention spans are fast disappearing. When things get a little boring kids can quickly just tap the next YouTube video or launch the next smartphone app. Coloring can motivate them to focus on a single task and invite them to hold that attention until the entire picture has been completed. This is an invaluable skill that will stay with them through life.
  8. Trains fine motor skills -We’ve all seen that toddler unlocking a device and swiping through the app icon screens. With smartphone and tablets everywhere, kids are mastering fine motor skills from a very young age. Holding a pen, crayon or pencil helps add variety to the motor functions they perform throughout the day.

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