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Alphabetimals excite little minds with cute cartoons and animals sounds - the perfect introduction to letter shapes.



Our resources make it easy to teach essential literacy skills like letter identification and alphabetical order.



Help strengthen the foundation of early spellers and readers with our typer game, apps, videos, and more.

Alphabetimals products can be found in retailers around the globe.

Teachers, parents, and even grandparents agree...

''I'm so excited! Sarah's really learning well from your letters. F for Fish is her clear favorite.''

- Kate, Mom, U.S.A

''I am an English teacher in Spain, and I found your free alphabet resource to be a great tool for my classroom.''

- Victor, Teacher, Spain

''My daughter uses these to start my 3 year old grandson in pre-school. He loves showing off his progress.''

- Nancy, Grandma, U.S.A.

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54 card deck w/ box / $11.99

A fun, new take on "Old Maid", pair letter-shaped animals with their adorable lower-case babies, but don't get stuck with Albert.

Bonus: Take out Albert and spread the cards out face-down for a fun "Memory"-style matching game!

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