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Discover the amazing world of animal letters. ABC’s have never been cuter!

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Welcome to Alphabetimals, the ultimate animal alphabet website for kids! We believe that learning the alphabet can be fun and engaging, and that’s why we’ve created a unique world of animal letters that will capture your child’s imagination. Our fun and educational approach to learning letters and words will help your child develop essential language and cognitive skills while having a blast. From adorable alligators to zany zebras, Alphabetimals features an entire menagerie of lovable animal characters that will help your child learn and grow. Come and join us on an exciting alphabet adventure!

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Incredible and amazing toons. They’re perfect to develop a lot of resources in our classes. Thanks so much.


My 3 year olds love all the Alphabetimals activities!!! Thank you!

Dawn J

I have a student who LOVES animals and this is a great way for him to practices letter recognition.

Jennifer B
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